Spring wedding in Holland

Spring wedding in Holland

Weddings are always exciting, but this day had some extra excitement to it. The weather forecast said that it would be the only dry day that week. But the weather forecast is often wrong …

Photo locations

A couple of days before the wedding I met with Barry and Sylvia in the Hoofdtoren in Hoorn. We had a wonderful cup of cappuccino, talked things through one last time and went out, looking for nice photo locations.

Love shoot in de haven van Hoorn

Never a dull moment

The morning of the wedding. All my bags are packed and I have put on my nice outfit. Just when I want to step out of the door, our Thana comes running in through the cat flap. All wet and muddy! Never a dull moment with three cats in the house. I quickly donned a big apron and stuck her under running water. I am glad that I always leave super early for weddings. Even with a muddy cat and some blocked roads I got to the brides parents house so early that I could take some pictures of her and her make up artist.

Bruiloft Westwoud bruidsmake-up aanbrengen

The brides shoes and the gift from the brides sister in law got their own photo shoot. So check on ‘something new’ and ‘something blue’. I forgot to ask her whether she had ‘something old’ and ‘something borrowed’.

trouwschoenen met bandjes voor bruid

Something blue - speld met bedels voor de bruid

First the shoes, than the dress. Sister in law and mother helped the bride get dressed.

Schoonzus helpt met aantrekken trouwschoenen

Moeder sluit knoopjes van trouwjurk

Sylvia had a quick raisin bun to eat just before the groom arrived. He had rented a super sporty Audi convertible and decorated it with beautiful flowers. He came walking up to the door beaming with excitement.

Bruidegom komt aan in audi convertable

bloemstuk op trouwauto blauw en oud roze

Barry had to be patient, they did not hear the bell ring inside. But at last the door opened!

First look bruidspaar

Close to the house in Westwoud we found a beautiful photo location!

Bruidsshoot Waterberging Wijzenddijkje Westwoud

Bruidspaar met op achtergrond de kerk van Westwoud

Bruidspaar bij waterberging Westwoud

Of to Hoorn, to the places we spotted last Monday. First the ‘oosterpoort’, after that to the hoofdtoren. Next to the sluice and last but not least into the high flowers under the weeping willow. Or so we thought … but they had mowed the lawn and all the flowers were gone. The tree was still there and that made for pretty pictures too.

Bruidegom helpt bruid de trouwauto in

Bruidspaar maakt trouwfoto's bij oosterpoort in Hoorn

Bruidegom veegt haren uit gezicht bruid bij oosterpoort in Hoorn

trouwboeket bruidsboeket in roze en blauw

Bruidspaar in hoofdtoren in Hoorn

Romantisch portret van bruid in hoofdtoren in Hoorn

Nu als bruidspaar bij het sluisje in de haven van Hoorn

Bruidsfoto's in Hoorn bij treurwilg

The wedding location was ‘Twiskerslot’ in Twisk. A beautiful renovated old farmhouse with a luscious garden. This is where the family was waiting on the bride and groom. We had a very relaxed afternoon with the family members from Michigan. But when Barry and Sylvia wanted to cut the cake without anybody noticing the master of ceremony cut in. She was wonderful – I would wish for someone like that on my own wedding! The American niece was not entirely sure whether she liked the cake …

Bloemstuk bij Twiskerslot

Bruidstaart in wit mint en zalm met namen bruidspaar

Stiekem de bruidstaart aansnijden

Nog even van de bruidstaart afblijven

Bruidsmeisje vind bruidtaart niet zo lekker

Now that they had all the family together we had the opportunity to take lots of family pictures. That was when I noticed who went shoe shopping with Barry! Not all the new shoes were properly broken in though …
The wedding dress was nicely laid out for all the group pictures, but I must admit that the selfie where they did not pay attention to the dress is one of my favorite pictures!

Samen wezen shoppen bij mascolori schoenen

Nieuwe schoenen niet ingelopen

Trouwjurk netjes leggen voor de foto Statieportret bruidspaar met ceremoniemeester en partner Selfie bruidspaar met ceremoniemeerster en partner

Time for dinner. And what a dinner it was! They know how to cook a nice meal at Twiskerslot. During dinner we heard a beautiful song, speeches and the groom got a puzzling gift. The youngest guest thought it all took to long, she went for a stroll. She played peekaboo with the photographer and had a lot of fun with her grandmother (oma in Dutch).

carpaccio bij het Twiskerslot

toast tijdens bruiloft

Mag ik dan bij jou bracht tranen in de ogen van de bruid

neusje neusje met oma

speech van moeder van de bruid

Peekaboo met de trouwfotograaf

Raadselachtig huwelijkscadeau

The evening guests have arrived. Aside from a few drops we had no rain all day, so they decided to have the ceremony outside on the lawn. The bridesmaids each got a cute veiled tiara, but was that going to last the ceremony?

Bruid doet tiara op bij bruidsmeisje


Bruidsmeisjes in middenpad

Bruidspaar op de bank tijdens ceremonie

Trouwboeket in de hand van de bruid

Exchanging the rings brought out the nerves. It seemed to be a very tight fit. Might that have something to do with the fact that the groom used to play volleyball?

Krijg je de trouwring wel om bij een volleyballer

Bruidsmeisje klimt door stoel

de kus op de bruiloft

Handen met trouwringen om

After the ceremony it is time for bubbles (prosecco) and congratulations. Some presents were very special. This was the first time I have seen a bride with rubber gloves on. But the object was not to get any charcoal stains on the wedding dress. And now? Time to party!! With lots of surprises like a slide show, a new TV show about traveling (starring the bride and groom as main characters) and a cabaret by friends …

huwelijkscadeau uitpakken

Bruidspaar kijkt naar filmpje

Bruidsmeisjes op de dansvloer

Dear Barry en Sylvia, it was a beautiful day! Wishing you many happy years and travels together. <3

Bridal make-up: Mariane Bak
Photo location: de Hoofdtoren
Wedding location: Twiskerslot
Wedding dress: Het Boudoir
Wedding suit: Dirk de Wit
Shoes bridegroom: Mascolori
Flowers: Haring’s bloemservice
Cake: Loes bakt taart
Wedding official: Daphne Hollenberg-Scholtens – gemeente Medemblik
Bus: vervoer ons, De Rijp
Rings: Alliance, De Vries Juwelier, Enkhuizen en Hoorn

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